4x4 Safari


For an informative overview on the history and cultural heritage of Grand Turk, enjoy an adventure in the "safari-themed" 4x4 F250. This fascinating, in-depth tour begins with a drive through Cockburn Town, the nation’s capital; historic Pond Street; and the ruins of the old salinas, depicting how salt was extracted during the island’s salt trade. At your first stop, near the town center, your guide will lead you down Front Street, lined with turn-of-the-century, Bermudian-style architecture, past the refurbished, centuries-old Grand Turk Prison. Built around 1830 and fully functional until its closing in the early 1990s, the prison housed former slaves, general criminals, drugs smugglers and many more.

Next, after venturing past North Wells, round the northwestern side of the island, with its breathtaking views of the sparkling, clear turquoise ocean waters. Then make your way around to North Creek, the last remaining safe hurricane shelter for yachts traveling between Nassau and Puerto Rico. Finally, you’ll pass the Grand Turk Indigenous Horse Shelter and complete your safari experience with a drive by St. Thomas Anglican Church, Grand Turk’s first church.

(Duration: 2.45 hours
Minimum age for passengers is 6 years.)